Product Features

Assembled on a RF remote control

Parmis products can simultaneously be programmed and controlled by four remote controls.The Parmis remote control has power range of 50 meters and because it uses RF technology,it does not need direct contact with the touch help and it can communicate with it through physical obstacles. Believe it; comfort is your right.

Programmable feature for consumer

You can easily train your purchased key, so that you can link any key you want with any of the remote’s touch helps. This matter does not need any interface device such as a computer or any other device and can be easily done with the device’s remote.

Four Years Guarantee

In case of any problems in the functions of each of the switches produced by Parmis Company, you would be able to return the same product to one of our agencies and sue the relevant four years guarantee facility. Feel comfort with the optimal four years guarantee.

Electronic components with European CE standards

Parmis selects its electronic parts used in its products, from the best quality parts available in the market. Having European CE standard is the primary condition for our engineers for selecting parts, and after selection, their efficiency and coordination with each other is tested in the company’s electronic laboratory. Quality is Parmis’s gift to you.

Compatible with 80 to 240 V(AC OR DC)

Parmis products can be coordinated for use in different climates and with different input electricity used in different countries. This input voltage can be direct or alternative and from 80-240 volts, which different inputs, will not create any problems in the device’s performance.

ISO9001 and CE standards

Our managers have always made effort to follow the highest world standards in all Parmis products and to create an appropriate status and position for these products amongst other brands. Obtaining ISO9001 and CEC standards has been a step taken in the path of attracting the consumer’s satisfaction more and more.

R & D is today and tomorrow's need

This company has focused all its effort to the fact to always promote the product’s beauty, quality and performance and through continuous research and development, direct the product towards its real status and position.

Your mobile phone ( android or ios ) is your remote control !!

You can set a scenario and run it for your touch switches. You can simultaneous, control touch switches and your family cinema, split and TV by Parmis wifi & infrared module on your mobile phone ( android or ios )

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